Friday, January 9, 2009

Social Bookmarking

As with all things new and technical (or just technical) I was leery of Social Bookmarking as just another e-tool invented by a bunch of overpaid hackers with too much time on their hands and way too much exposure to florescent lighting. (think Microsoft 07). BUT, there are some merits, mostly covered here, that benefit the world of Health and Health education, the most obvious being that it's informational one-stop shopping. Inconsistent tagging aside, how many hours have each of us spent punching in keyword after keyword in search of articles to fit our research topics? A person who is selectively discriminating about adding valuable content in a Social Bookmark, as opposed to the first potentially crap-filled link that pops up, can really put together a useful Social Bookmarking site. When most people (myself included) think if PE, we envision healthy, well-developed kids who are able to fully participate in a standard program. But, there are a lot of special needs kids out there who need PE as much as the next kid but whose parents or school don't have the necessary resources or information to create appropriate accommodations. After a bit of searching (it actually took me about 20 seconds) I found a Social bookmark on the Associated Sontent site on teaching Physical Education to children with disabilities. It describes why special needs children need PE and list some creative accommodations to help the children get the most benefit from the activities. Teachers and parents with special needs children will find wonderful info here about all kinds of activities for children with Downs Syndrome, CP, Autism, Paralysis, etc. The link is below. I think that SB is a a great tool for educators who want to keep themselves informed on the cutting edge of the new programs, information, and political themes that impact all K-12 kids. .

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