Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yoga fit and Yoga for kids is awesome- I just wish they'd call it something else as the discursive connotations of Yoga are, well, a little bit flaky (yes, I'm using a Foucault reference. The man did make some sense.)

Whatever it is called, the benefits of children's yoga are numerous, even if your goal is not world peace and harmony. My agenda is not so much political as mind/body wellness. Yoga is good for you, and children are natural yogis.

In addition to giving small ones the opportunity to have incredible strength and endurance, yoga teaches patience, focus, stress reduction, anger management, determination, balance, and gives children a wonderful sense of body connectedness and awareness.

The practice of yoga also prepares potential athletes for a life of training and respect for themselves and others, but it gets a bad rap as the practice of chanting and meditation done by liberal hippie weirdos.

My fishing/hunter buddy scoffed my Yoga practice until he saw me balance on the bow-tip of his small fishing boat, casting a nine-foot fly rod while moving with the motion of the giant waves created by the behemoth monster crafts that kept cruising by our spot. He sat down, fearing a toss and a wetting. I stayed on bow and kept throwing line. I wanted a trout. He didn't have much to say about yoga after that. Maybe I'll write a book someday called Tree pose in the tree-stand; staying put for the 12 Point. Until then, I'll just focus on kids.

So, here are just a few websites I found on yoga for kids and yoga kids teacher training. These sites focus on teaching yoga, yoga in P.E. programs, yoga for special needs kids, yoga for incarcerated children, and so forth.

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